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@GMB Jun 28, 20:20

This moment was just too beautiful for words, @susannareid100... 😂😂😂 @piersmorgan @CharlotteHawkns

@bikefitterinfo Jun 28, 10:36

@RutlandCycling @abdndamo @DXdelivery Yes as a dispatcher most Couriers have surcharges for certain areas UPS etc E…

@urbanthoughts11 Jun 23, 21:36

The traffic you get depends on the infrastructure you build. Roads=🚗🚗 Bike paths=🚲🚲 vid @BoxbikeLondon

@bikefitterinfo Jun 23, 15:01

@Tiny_Pigeon @tomstaniford @RGBArchie @ppauk Did he stop at @ivanscoffee too? If not why not!

@bikefitterinfo Jun 21, 16:42

@Dankogan89 @daniellloyd1 @mdolomites Who is he rooming with @RealStephens or @si_richardson......

@carleetaylor1 Jun 21, 07:22

@TourDeFeminin Any team looking for an extra rider? I'm keen! Just found out the team I was going to guest ride for is no longer starting 🙁🙁

@bikefitterinfo Jun 18, 20:30

@Maggy_PR Try @bloceyewear great sunglasses!

@SirWiggo Jun 18, 15:31

This weather 👍🏻☀️

@SirWiggo Jun 18, 15:31

PB'ing 8 months into retirement 🤔

@bikefitterinfo Jun 16, 21:21

@tacx @petosagan @BORAhansgrohe @CiclistePilgrim now this may get me to use a static trainer!,

@bikefitterinfo Jun 16, 21:04

@cyclist on my doorstep tonight @siempre_cc weekends reading sorted post ride off course!

@crispymick Jun 15, 11:35

You know it's not going to be good when your told to write your name on you helmet before you go in!

@Chris_Boardman Jun 14, 19:39

Given the very clear seemingly irrefutable video evidence, do you really think that's enough?

@bikefitterinfo Jun 13, 23:22

@StoryCorps @AshleyPresents Every moment we spent together!

@bikefitterinfo Jun 12, 16:21

@kathrynebrown Without anything to gauge its scale are you not just showing us a foot spa?

@dpcyclecoaching Jun 12, 16:08

Got to love a well thought out bike lane! Send us your vids to get featured! #Monday #MondayMadness #Cycling

@siempre_cc Jun 11, 15:32

Come and join us for a full week of cycling this autumn. Visit for more details. Prices start from only……

@bikefitterinfo Jun 11, 15:31

@kathrynebrown @Eurosport_UK Watched live on iPad! TV is delayed/recorded so keep off SM unless you want result

@bikefitterinfo Jun 09, 23:45

@kathrynebrown They (May) believe they can control intimidate DUP more than the Greens I am sure, and DUP coalition…

@PolComForum Jun 09, 23:41

Dear Theresa, it's not the number of MPs that counts it's how you use them. You have to do more with less that's all 😂👏👍

@bikefitterinfo Jun 09, 08:30

@kathrynebrown The young who's apathy led to Brexit vote succeeding, got of their arses and voted I think and influ…

@bikefitterinfo Jun 09, 08:26

@kathrynebrown With all your Yoga I would expect 'your arse' to be like steel! Yet again the public have voted & ex…

@kathrynebrown Jun 07, 10:38

If you’re done with the U.K. rain today, we’re a casual 2hr flight away. 30c today.

@antmccrossan Jun 04, 23:01

Really wanted Noel to walk on stage and join Liam #onelovemanchester

@davidclewis Jun 04, 21:19

This, by David @Baddiel, is excellent

@alexdowsett Jun 04, 18:41

Just as things were getting mad for 3rd place. I decided to have a lie down. Didn't take anyone else with me thankfully. I'm ok.

@alexdowsett Jun 03, 18:43

@VeloUK Top 10 over the line get points for team. No individual winner. Points from first 2 days determines start position for Sunday.

@bikefitterinfo Jun 02, 22:02

@kathrynebrown @robmanuel It'd take a coalition I think your right, we have no individual or one party that can gui…